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Hannah is the type of girl you marry. She caring, funny and cute af. She loves playing sports and being active but is down to cuddle and watch a movie and eat popcorn. You won't even realize you like her until your friends with her. She doesn't see herself the way u see her, always stuck on all her flaws and not seeing how beautiful she really is. Overall, hannah is pretty much the greatest girl u could have and u better never break her heart, or you will pay.
Hannah is actually so hot tbh
by Makeawish11:11 March 04, 2018
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Hannah is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is not just beautiful on the outside,but also in the inside. She is a caring smart girl who would do anything for her BFFs. Whenever you look sad, she will ask you if you are alright.

If you ever meet a Hannah, don't let her go, because she is hard to find.
Did you meet Hannah?
Yeah, she is the best
by Pusheen.lover.x September 23, 2017
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She is the hottest girl in the world. The most beautiful, cutest, funniest, smartest, sweetest, nicest, kindest, hottest person in the world. Take a random hit actress, multiply her beauty by 10000000099 and u got Hannah. She’s smart enough to figure things out before most people and loves and cares better than anyone else.
Hannah, you are the cutest, sweetest, nicest, kindest, smartest, funniest, most amazing and perfect girl in the world. Will you be my girlfriend?
by [CW]7Fnatic TRU WORD DEFINER November 08, 2018
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Hannah can be a very loyal friend, but don't upset her or you'll end up with a broken heart and minus one best friend!
Hannah's friend- Hannah is an awesome friend!

Hannah's ex- Yeah, but she dumped me two weeks ago. I don't know why!
by PiperMcLean#3 June 25, 2015
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She’s the funniest smartest cutest girl you’ll ever meet but no one sees it i wish i saw how cool she was but i hurt her and now she’s gone
me: hi Hannah
her: hi *gigles* and blushes
me: your so pretty
her: stop lying to me i know i’m ugly
me: Hannah your the best looking person i know i wish you could understand me
by camden hutchins June 11, 2018
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Hannah is a beautiful, intelligent, caring, strong, independent, and mindful girl with one of the best personalities. She has dark brown hair with dark blue eyes that will cause you to get lost in space. She always puts others before herself and doesn't carry her problems on her back. She has a mixture of like 50 different laughs that are all crazy and she can light up a room with just the simplest smile. She goes for guys that are caring, shy, timid, sweet, and that can put a smile on her face easily so any guy chosen by Hannah is one of the luckiest guys in the world and she will stay loyal to NO MATTER WHAT. Most people are intimidated by her blunt personality but the second you share one sentence with her will be the second you gain a new friend, and although it's VERY rare that she does not like someone, if she does not like you she will make it well known and not hide the fact from you. The last thing is that she hates fake people and will stick up for others no matter what the cost.
Girl 1: you see that new girl?

Girl 2: yeah I havent met her yet but she already seems like a Hannah!

Guy 1: I'm so lucky I'm dating her, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me!!!
Guy 2: ikr! It's so cool to see you this happy, now we just gotta find me a Hannah!
by Bonkganguknowwhatisayin April 05, 2018
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A girl who doesn't believe she is beautiful but everyone tells her she is and she is broken inside but tries not to show it because everyone thinks she is always happy
Hey Hannah is my friend because she is always happy
by AHannahwhoisbroken September 28, 2017
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