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Hannah is kind, shy, talented, and beautiful, but she won’t open up to anyone until she fully trusts them. At first she seems quiet, but once you get to know her you see a completely different side of her. She is loving, graceful and kindhearted. She tends to mask her emotions, so she smiles even when she’s broken inside. If you happen to see her smile it will brighten up your day. Hannah is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, so if you do meet a Hannah, never let her go.
Girl 1: Is that a Hannah? She sure is cute!
Girl 2: Yes! I wish I was her, she’s so talented.
by Moonlight9642 July 16, 2019
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Hannah is one of thee cutest most beautiful girl you'll know, she has one of the most loving hearts and wants you to be comfortable around her. She knows how to make your cheeks hurt because all you will want to do is smile when you see her. She knows how to be funny she likes to show her affection by being silly and making fun of you. It's hard just to stay friends with her because you'll just end up wanting to be with her forever. When she is hurt, she doesn't like to show it, always be here for her. Hannah is someone worth falling for.
Friend: Hey man you good?
You: Yeah, why?
Friend: You're smiling so much.
You: Sorry bro, I just like thinking of Hannah. She's so flippin cute
by mm mm mm June 09, 2019
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Hannah is an amazing person, she is the strong type, who loves to protect her friends from being hurt. She always finds the fun side of something, and can be super funny. She can be strict sometimes, but that dosen’t change her fun personality. She loves going on the internet, and is a big fan of animals. (preferably cats) She is the type of person you never wanna lose.You need a Hannah in your life!
Hannah is so funny
by Adxective August 17, 2019
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Hannah is the type of girl you marry. She caring, funny and cute af. She loves playing sports and being active but is down to cuddle and watch a movie and eat popcorn. You won't even realize you like her until your friends with her. She doesn't see herself the way u see her, always stuck on all her flaws and not seeing how beautiful she really is. Overall, hannah is pretty much the greatest girl u could have and u better never break her heart, or you will pay.
Hannah is actually so hot tbh
by Makeawish11:11 March 04, 2018
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A girl who doesn't believe she is beautiful but everyone tells her she is and she is broken inside but tries not to show it because everyone thinks she is always happy
Hey Hannah is my friend because she is always happy
by AHannahwhoisbroken September 28, 2017
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Hannah is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is not just beautiful on the outside,but also in the inside. She is a caring smart girl who would do anything for her BFFs. Whenever you look sad, she will ask you if you are alright.

If you ever meet a Hannah, don't let her go, because she is hard to find.
Did you meet Hannah?
Yeah, she is the best
by Pusheen.lover.x September 23, 2017
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Hannah is the most beautiful, trust worthy girl in the world. She is stunning,perfect and is always sweet. Hannah is the girl you want to show off to everyone. If you find this Hannah you will be set for life. She is the winning lottery ticket everyone has been looking for. She will stick by you through heaven and hell.
Hey who's that girl?
Oh that's Hannah!
Damn shes cute
by Quinnyboi2005 September 21, 2019
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