easy, pleasasnt - from an Urdu (originally Persian)word 'khwshi' meaning 'happiness' or 'ease'. Came into English directly from India via British Army slang of the early 20th Century. Not to be confused with kushti which comes into English from Romany
He sits on his arse all day, a real cushy number.
by klidenengro February 4, 2004
comfortable, touchable, fun to cuddle with
Her figure made her look really cushy, so we decided to call her that
by Joe April 7, 2004
An adjective to describe a person or the actions of said person who has had it so easy in life that they have become lazy and indulgent.
Ari and Danielle have become so cushy, yesterday they wanted to talk about 401k's and drink stout over dancing and talking about music.
by Titty Jon October 26, 2013
1. "Cushy" is a word my brother made up when we were kids, and now it is in the dictionary and on here. AMAZING! To him it referred to the soft and comfortable cushions on our new couch.
1. He said: Man! This sure is cushy! He was referring to the new ultra-comfortable couch that we just got.
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
easy and simple, something not strenuous.
This job is cushie. Don't make it hard and difficult this can be cushie.
by Zyzko September 6, 2021
Scottish term (Doric) for "pigeon".
"What a heap o' cushies on the go!"
by cushie, pigeon September 3, 2008
A nickname for someone who has an extremely easy job - like a program data position. This serves as a platform for him to try and improve his incredibly poor foosball skills. See also: Tool
Is Cushy napping again or is he just on vacation?
by Miriam Webster November 21, 2002