Requiring or using great exertion.
All your muscles need more oxygen during strenuous exercise.
by MPWHart July 27, 2017
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n. A sexual act in which a male and female are engaged in 69 (mutual concurrent oral sex), with the male on top. Just as he is about the climax, the male arches his back, positioning his rectum above the forehead of the female. He then proceeds to ejaculate in her mouth and defecate on her forehead at the same time.
Remember that chick i met at the bar? I pulled a Strenuous Armando on her and made quite a mess.
by vampirekilla September 2, 2008
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To demand something strongly but not being in a position to get it.
Give your girlfriend a diamond ring then you can demand a blow job. But if you give her cubic zirconium then you can only make a strenuous request.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
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Requiring great effort, energy or exertion.
The dr showed strenuousness towards his patients
by September 13, 2020
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