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Noun, plural. The two outer folds of the vulva. The labia majora.
"Put your skirt down. I can see your cuntflaps."
by the Snailfather February 02, 2006
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Coarse slang term for the female labia (inner or outer).

Also: Wizard's sleeve, piss-flaps etc.
Look at the cuntflaps on that girl! You would lose your arm in there!
by Menace December 01, 2004
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The busted up labia of the female genitalia, closely resembling the meat of an Arby's roast beef sandwich. Unfortunately they do not go as well with Horsy sauce.
Oh my god!!! What the hell happened to your vag? Was there a terrorist attack on your pussy? Those cunt flaps are so loose you could use them to make a tent.
by nastynick69 October 30, 2009
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1. Literal term for a lip of the female vagina.

2. Vauge term denoting one holding unadmirable qualities.
"Ahh man, my Father is such a cunt flap today."

"Oh fuck off you manky cunt flap"
by Synthetic Light May 08, 2006
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After the waxing, her cuntflaps shone pink.

The supreme cameltoe enabled me to imagine her cuntflaps with great detail
by GRR May 28, 2005
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The labia of a woman's vagina, also a derogatory name for a woman.
Tina was being such a cunt flap the other day.

I'll bet her cunt flaps dance in the breeze.
by Gingersaurus October 28, 2009
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