Mini Ladd is a YouTube that had 5.6 million subscribers but has been on a constant decline over the past few months now currently at 5.3 Million subscribers what caused the downfall well 3 factors
1. Being toxic to his friends.
2. Not explaining why he took breaks
3. Being exposed that he sexted minors
Mini Ladd used to be my favourite YouTuber.
by Sploosh X.C November 22, 2020
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Mini Ladd is a YouTuber and Pedophile. He use to be a part of the group, but left to make his own success. Over the years he’s still played with friends who were in the group but stopped abruptly in 2020. This was when it was revealed that he was a pedophile and basically admitted it on Twitter.

About a month later he would return, but he basically just ignored the whole thing (like most people did at the time when it was revealed), but was quickly called out by the internet community. However he still has a platform and it’s sad.
Person: you heard of Mini Ladd?
Person 2: Oh that piece of garbage? Yeah I’ve heard of him
by Ywndhdbsjd August 20, 2020
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A dick that is so small you need a microscope to see it
girl, he has a Mini Ladd
by AVTECHJUNKIE August 18, 2016
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A child predator who grooming two minors on Twitter and He did commit a crime for violation of Mann Act and Human Trafficking, This individual is already left Vanoss Gaming, Texting two minors for grooming and make a bad statement on Twitter, He'll never give it second chance but instead he uploading some videos about Memes, Gaming, Challenges and etc. He shouldn't belong to YouTube anymore, His career is over and he caught up like a fish. His video apology doesn't apply every victims and underage fans, YouTube suppose to boot him out for violation against YouTube's policy rules, FBI and U.S. Marshals is looking for Mini Ladd aka Craig Thompson live in Dallas Texas, He left Los Angeles, California and moved to Northern Ireland, It's very illegal for let criminal escape from United States or Ireland, He returning back to United States and moving to Dallas Texas, He never get away for using YouTube platform as the predator. He's going to maximum security prison anytime soon and hopefully FBI will arresting Mini Ladd until 2021, It's finally time to bring justice to Craig Thompson and send him to the cell.
It's a controversial name for YouTube after Mini Ladd got cancelled by former fans and people.
by niceburgerham November 10, 2020
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A gaming youtuber who as of 2018 has 4.8 million subscribers. Became famous for playing games like Black Ops 2, GMOD, Cards Against Humanity, and Cod Zombies. He originally played with VanossGaming, H20 Delirious, and I AM WILDCAT and others.

He stopped making content featuring Vanoss, due to Mini Ladd wanting to be seen as an independent youtuber, even though Mini Ladd still collaborates with all the other members of the group. Mini Ladd relies heavily on the group dynamic(even more so than Vanoss) to compensate for his dull, boring, and honestly cringey personality, and takes advantage of smaller and actually funny youtubers such as Smii7y, Kryoz, and BigJigglyPanda.
If you try to point out that alot(or all) of his popularity stemed from his association with Vanoss or literally anyone else, he immediately gets triggered.
His recent content consists of Mini Golf, reacting to subreddits (including his own), Cards Against Humanity, and UNO.
Dude 1: Have you heard of Mini Ladd?
Dude 2: Isn't he one of Vanoss' friends?
by BemoWemo July 07, 2018
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the most annoying bastard you could ever hear but has the weirdest meme stream
Me:Have you ever watched mini ladd
My imaginary friend: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof it's RICARDO
*ricardo dancing in the distance* *throws his thong at me*
Me:This is a blessing i will cherish this forever
Ricardo:*dick swing as he ascends into heaven*
Me: *crying*
by ricardo from heaven April 12, 2019
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Another word for a predator, and or a pervert
Example 1: Dude why the fuck would you groom her you fucking MINI LADD!

Example 2: Hehe OwO *bwushes cwutewy uwu* stawp it senpai you wittle mini ladd heh uWu
by MoriUWU January 13, 2021
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