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This isn't really a definition. Anyways, 'Harajuku' is a location in Japan where the young and teenagers dress in their own fashions they invent themselves, or cosplay outfits.

In the song "Rich Girl".. or mainly any Gwen Stefani song, she has "her" Harajuku girls in it. Gwen paid four japanese girls to follow her around, and Gwen treats them like accesories. No woman, in my opinion, should be made into a mute fashion accessory. Just the image of four non-white women trailing around behind a white woman, hanging on her every word and not being allowed to speak… Can you really say that this is a harmless affectation? Asian fetishism nor not, this is certianly female fetishism.

Has anyone noticed the dominating hold she has over the girls? she claims ownership of them, dresses them up and gives them names (love, angel, music & baby).

I was under the idea that they were her posse, not the newest version of chihuahua. All she needs now is a collar and chain.

As soon as I saw her video for rich girl I had to leave the room, she’s giving japanese fashion such a bad name…”I'll dress them up and give them names” What the fuck?? They aren't items. Stefani should have just bought herself a new pair of diamond earrings instead of four slaves.
Gwen Stafani:"I'd get me four Harajuku girls to
Inspire me and they'd come to my rescue
I'd dress them wicked, I'd give them names
Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Hurry up and come and save me"
Me: LITTLE BITCH! -snipes her in her ass-crack-
by Tsuki May 13, 2005
A person who is equivalent to a sack of dicks.. or cunt flaps.
Joe: Hey Tsuki, I bet you're great in bed.
Tsuki: You're a cuntflap.
by Tsuki May 27, 2005
(verb) Popping an ollie on a skateboard, then simultaneously pulling your pants down, and prolapsing your asshole in mid air, then passing out due to the amount of forced used to execute said trick
Dude do you wanna see this cool trick I learned? It's the Eduardo Squidwardo.
*Ambulance noises in the distance*
by Tsuki October 9, 2020
To be high is to analyze the data one level deeper than when not high.
In other words, if in the usual state you analyze the data, the high state is when you analyze the metadata.
If you watch the forecast you normally process the next day's weather. When high, on top of that, you wonder if the weather is accurate.

Me right now when I came up with this definition.
by Tsuki September 7, 2012
Japanese girls are usually one of the rare type in places, besides Japan that the discusting old american and/or caucasian men like, like most other asian girls. {I know from experience, I'm japanese myself.} Often used as sex toys, we are degraded by everyone. Even rappers. (i.e.- Chingy: "Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian. It don't matter what color on this occasion.")

That example just proves it's just all for sex. Even guys use pretty girls.. hell, ugly girls too. Just depends on the kinky level. Oh. Back to the definition. Most males think we are going to cook for them, and clean, and have cute kids.

You got the cute kids part right, but there's no way in HELL I'm going to do that bull for some fake guy. If you think we are, you have another think coming. We'll go samurai on your ass.
Jeff: I want a japanese girl. I heard they're good in bed.
Bob: Dude. Shut the fuck up, they'll kick your ass.
by Tsuki May 7, 2005