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the girls of a pre-teen variety (probably 10-12 or so) that dress like little whores because they like pop tarts like britney/avril/etc.

pre-this fashion statement, they were referred to as tweens because they were between childhood and teenager. teeny boppers was the old school term for said kids--at that time into elvis and bobby sox.
Annoying tweenagers get in my way at the mall.
by grr November 11, 2003
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Labia majora.

aka pussy lips.

See also beef curtains
After the waxing, her cuntflaps shone pink.

The supreme cameltoe enabled me to imagine her cuntflaps with great detail
by GRR May 28, 2005
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Something a catholic school forces student to wear to become one under god's eyes or some bullshit like that
Here comes the uniform nazis again
by grr September 12, 2003
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An essay that is worth a good percentage of your grade in 2 or more classes. An Anchor Essay usually combines aspects of those classes, and is graded by the teachers of those classes.

Also known as "Sunshine Essays"
When the History teacher set the due date for the Anchor Essay, the class groaned.
by Grr December 04, 2003
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A threat promising physical violence
I'll School your ass.
Don't make me school you.
by GRR August 27, 2003
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Verb: to school
A speculative statement of someones abilities in bed (sex)
I bet she'd school me!
by GRR August 27, 2003
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