Professing your love for a supposed girlfriend in public, while jumping onto a couch.
"Tom Cruise was couching it when he told oprah the news"
by P3Ace January 04, 2006
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The amount of time it takes to leave one's own couch, travel to a new destination, and sit on the couch at said destination.

The amount of time is longer because you not only include driving/walking time, but the time it takes to prepare to leave, and the time it takes to settle in after arrival.
He said he'll be over in ten, but it'll really take him fifteen minutes couch to couch.
by Crackima Kate December 05, 2010
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(adj.) to be under the influence of marijuana to the point where you are stuck on the couch or you just can't wait to get to the couch.
Dawg, I'm fuckin couched right now.
Dude, I'm mutha fuckin' couched.
by adamshane October 06, 2011
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Where you sleep when you get your girlfriend mad; but not mad enough to be kicked out of the house.
After she caught me talking to my ex, I was on the couch.
by studio d September 29, 2005
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A piece of furniture more diverse than a coffee table.
Hey, move over so I can sit on the couch.

Is it ok if I crash at your place?
Sure, you can have the couch.

You don't have any foot rests?
Nah, just prop 'em up on the couch.

I ate dinner in front of the tv last night on the couch.

I couldn't make it to the bathroom, so I used the couch.

I bought my dog a couch.
by Imelda Czechs May 06, 2013
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In therapy; undergoing talk therapy with a mental heath professional, traditionally psychoanalysis.
Ben's been on the couch since he was 13, but he still hates his father.
by natasha the sleuth March 18, 2009
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when a girl sits on your lap and subtly grinds your cock with her ass in public, pretending that shes not (like a couch dance)
I knew for sure Jen wanted to fuck when she started couching me at Lisa's party
by Erik da Red July 11, 2003
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