A proverbial period of time for one's short-lived fame.
This band's fifteen minutes are just about up because nobody listens to them anymore.
by Albert February 15, 2004
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this is a standard definiton of time used today that bears no real conviction whatsoever, fifteen minutes can be anyware between five minutes and five hours or possibly longer if the individual stating the fifteen minute deadline is a real flake. This is a timeframe typically given by an individual with a minimum 30 minute drive to thier destination that hasnt even woken up yet who is already late when you call them to find out where they are. This timeframe is also given by the same individual when they are stuck in traffic a minimum of 15 miles away that is moving at 5 miles an hour, we can all do the math on that one.
Me: Dude what the fuck, ive been waiting for you for like an hour where the hell are you

Friend: Ill be there in fifteen minutes
by sonofturbo October 7, 2009
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the 15 minutes of personal fame that Andy Warhol said everyone gets once in a lifetime
She got her 15 minutes when she appeared on that tv quiz show.
by R.C. December 11, 2003
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the amount of time it takes for one to quickly bang someone (usually in a car)
like in the movie grease, "hey putz... 15 minutes!"
by andie September 20, 2003
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How much time Avril has until she's eating from dumpsters again.
*scrounges through dumpster*

"I thought it would last forever! I was soooo hardcore....ohhh, A half-eaten burrito!"

*munch munch*
by Patriot Games April 30, 2003
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