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(adj.) to be under the influence of marijuana to the point where you are stuck on the couch or you just can't wait to get to the couch.
Dawg, I'm fuckin couched right now.
Dude, I'm mutha fuckin' couched.
by adamshane October 06, 2011
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When you ask a girl if you can spend the night at her house (with the hope of getting in the bed) but she puts you on the couch.
"I spent the night at her house"
Whaaaaat??!! You slept with her?
(With shame) "I slept on the couch"
by Cousin P December 18, 2013
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Another "-ed" word for getting drunk.

Created August 2009 in Chicago, Illinois.
"Man, we got so couched on Keystone Light the other weekend. First drunk night at college!"
by KaylaNB August 29, 2009
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adj.- used in the context of a party or social event. One who is so intoxicated that they have lost the ability to get up off the couch.
by Aldo February 05, 2005
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To cause a tremendous amount of financial burden by backing out of a situation at the last possible second, resulting in lost deposits, and a lost opportunity to save money.
One day after signing over a deposit, that son of a bitch couche'd me. Couche really is one letter away from being a douche. Damn Amherst kids.
by CMIF LM April 01, 2013
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