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A number that got a bad press although it didn't do anything wrong: superstitious folks falsely accuse it of "unlucky" behavior, so they ban it in elevators, high-rise buildings, and hotel rooms.
Because their D-Day fell on a Friday 13, Jeff and his wife saved at least a thousand bucks, as most five-star hotels were offering them ridiculous discounts if they booked their ballrooms.
by MathPlus July 26, 2016
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A number commonly known for superstitious beliefs about it being unlucky. Originally it was a holy number, but somewhere along the way it was hijacked and portrayed as unlucky. Fear of this number is called triskaidekaphobia.
by IkeM October 11, 2003
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Thirteen stands for M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. M is for Mexican Mafia. Any real Mexican gang that lives in S. California starding from Bakersfield and down all the way to San Diego should be affiliated with 13.
Mexican Gangster: Hey homie you bang!
Some fake gangster: No I dont please dont kill me!
by ASESSINO April 11, 2004
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The most annoying age for any teenager, when s/he is stuck in the awkward first year of being an adolescent.
When Sally turned 13, she felt like she was a different person.
by LizabethDae July 09, 2006
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used by sur13...or the surenos a gang originaly frum southern spanish the thirteenth letter iz "m" and in gangland it standz for "mexican mafia" .thirteen iz used in many latino gangs...ms13..s13...m13..ect.comonly worn on gang clothing or jerseys ect..writen old english style.
that muthafucka iz frum cali..he wuz in Sur 13.
by latin assassin klick 187 July 09, 2003
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Further to the definition referencing M for Marijuana, this originated from the Hell's Angels, who would have a 13 sown/drawn on their denim jackets if they smoked weed.
by andyrew May 10, 2005
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