Adj. -Beyond horrible
Kyle sucks at COD. He's total ass!
by Fencheese February 19, 2016
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- a phrase used to describe something that is outrageously awesome; the best of its kind

- used to convey "awesomeness with attitude"

- used when no other adjectives will suffice (ex: cool, awesome, sick -- just won't cut it)
"Girl, your mullet makes you look so sassy. Really, it's totally ass."

"Dad's new corduroy shirt is totally ass."

"Dude, those hubcaps are so sick. Totally ass."
by assgirl November 24, 2011
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to stimulate ones ass with toys, fingers, tongue, penis, or any other foreign object grabbed in a time of passion and being fully stimulated to the fullest
i had some awesome total ass play last night
by dick stump April 4, 2010
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Wrestling promotion on SpikeTV, and what "TNA" really stands for. An embarrassment to not just professional wrestling, but to humanity in general.
Total Nonstop Action? More like Total Nonstop Ass. TNA is a fucking joke.
by A.C. Sativa February 12, 2013
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Fatter than fat. You've maxed out your weight. Might as well not exist because everyone is disgusted by your appearance.
Trevor - Yesterday I watched Barney and I was tempted to kill myself.

Sandy - Oh my god, Barney.. What a Total Fat Ass!
by Scott Too Hot July 31, 2009
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a kid who east tons and lives in the shit hole town of cloquet he is literally a piece of shit NOT KIDDING
50 big macs were placed on a table and everyone was wondering where did they go??

hey i know that fat ass over there ate them

who is he??

tyler demingie, a total fat ass
by tom clancy54 June 29, 2009
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