Someone whose work is to create texts for advertising. Normally in his/her twenties or did you ever meet a 50 year old copywriter?
by Dobedobedo August 3, 2005
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The illest MC to ever come along.
"You are what you eat, and that's shit's fact, so I never eat pussy and just stick with Big Mac"

Copywrite is one sick muthafucka.
by 78 June 9, 2003
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the stupid shit that gets in your way while trying to watch porn
Sean : dude what are you doing?

Robert : well i was watching porn but this stupid copywriting took me to a online dating site
by theworkerbee January 21, 2017
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Something to never try to explain to God.
"It wasn't me! It was my copywrite!"
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 30, 2003
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Freelance copywriting is a supposed business opportunity that is actually a scam of a cottage industry, promoted heavily by certain self anointed gurus and companies who claim that any English major can earn a hedge fund manager's income by going barefoot, living in an RV, and posing for selfies on a beach. Freelance copywriting is actually a way to siphon 401K and IRA savings off of early retirees looking for a second career, for pointless trainings, coaching, "intensives" and "boot camps" that are traffic jams of hungry suckers all looking for a break they'll never get.
That wanna be freelance copywriting student is a sucker! He just paid the "Institute" his last $23,000 for a membership to a bunch of useless online videos, and access to interns who will pretend that they are top copywriter mentors. He lives in a homeless shelter and tries to write product descriptions for $1 apiece.
by Douchbag Steve July 9, 2019
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To grant permission to anyone to copy anything you write on the condition you are credited or identified as the original source.
If you fail to comply with the one condition of the copywrite privilege, you are violating my rights. I have never wanted to hurt you but I can add to my bucketlist...*.Dasafac Jack
by Dasafac Jack May 5, 2012
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A contemporary term for Copywriting. It's usage is highly debatable; however, some copywriters feel that rhythmic patterns and "flow" is, sometimes, more important than perfect grammar. is a perfect example of preference over proper usage of grammar.
"Knowing how to say today's h3ll0 - John Doe - Copywrite"
by the_jyu September 17, 2011
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