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The Big Energy Companies conspiring to limit their customers choice as to the source of lower cost Energy in order to maintain their market share and cash flow at record levels.
Southern California Edison (SCE) is guilty of practicing Energy Fascism because they refuse to pay their residential solar electricity customers the same amount, for energy they put into the grid that SCE charges it's non Solar customers for that same Energy when those customers take it out of the PUBLIC grid.

This "monetary difference" makes the Utility shareholders record profits while preventing many more residential customers from installing their own solar panels because of the very long payback period; this practice is used to maintain profits and market share from being reduced by the ever decreasing cost of home solar panels.
by CaptD April 9, 2012
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An anniversary of adversity, usually borne by people of groups that are striving to exist against great odds.
We just had our Third Anniversity and looking back, we over came some big issues along the way.
by CaptD January 29, 2011
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Someone that has had a organ transplant and lived long enough to recovery from that procedure.
As a heart transplantee he dedicated his life to encouraging others, to consider becoming organ donors themselves, in order to save the lives of others.
by CaptD May 10, 2021
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To convert older less cost effective forms of energy generation to cleaner and safer solar, to help prevent climate change.
Ending their Nuclear investments, they began the Solarization of their energy grid to meet their eco goals.
by CaptD May 29, 2021
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Shoe's on the other foot syndrome...

People who find themselves suddenly in the Minority when they used to be the Majority.
Many Republicans are now suffering from SOTOFS!
by CaptD April 17, 2009
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Thinking Above The Box (TATB) is a higher level of thinking as compared to Thinking Outside The Box, since it incorporates extra dimensions.
Their ability to TATB gave them a tactical advantage over their opponents since they had a order of magnitude clearer understanding of the situation.
by CaptD June 7, 2021
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The anniversary of recovering from an organ transplant and starting a new life thanks to the generosity of the Donor and or their family.
Two years post Transplant, the Transplantee held a T Day party on that date to thank all those that helped save his life and recover.
by CaptD May 15, 2021
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