a catchphrase belonging to a guy named hooper. he says it too often, it’s true though. hooper loves taking his shits and making his stinkies.
hooper: uh oh, I need a diaper change! i made a stinky.
by lolfoot June 26, 2021
Considering nowadays you can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who will say "that's what she said," you now have the most appropriate response to it ever. "And I made her say it." Perfect. Presto. It just works. Not only does it diffuse an annoying "thats what she said" moment, but it also puts the ball into your court permanently, because the idiot saying it really doesn't have a response to counter it. Go on, don't be shy, try it today! It's risk free! Unless of course you're stupid.
Good time to use it...

Bro1 "Dude did you take that math test?"
Bro2 "Yea man it was sooo harddddd!"
Bro1 "Bro huhhahhaha....thats what she said!"
Bro2 "Yea, and I made her say it!"
Bro1 "Niiiiiceeeee"

Bad time to use it...

Bro1 "Dude, I got high yesterday!!"
Bro2 "Is that all?
Bro1 "Hah! Thats what she said!"
Bro2 "Yea, and I made her say it!"
Bro1 "Fail."
by comediclaughterje December 12, 2010
To save time on TV cook shows, the presenters will have made an example to show while the dish is taking time cooking.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
What a man says when he has made a woman orgasm so hard that her teeth profusely vibrate making audibe tones !!!
I fucked her so hard I made her teeth clack!! (In Deep or Jersey male voice)
by WeRclackers...... February 28, 2014
The act of carl wheezer singing a song for jimmy neutrons mum
"hey jimmies mum i made a song for you"
choose between either wap,the box or die very rough
used in schools from 2020 till 2021
by the cribber March 4, 2021
because the urban dictionary doesn't like when you make a word but doesn't care if you say inappropriate things
why is the word that i made a definition for not on the website
by Julian D is best ™ January 27, 2023