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adjective, (literally) "shit eating"

1. Pertaining to voluntary ingestion of excrement, either for sexual excitement or self-effacement.

2. Describing something with a guilty, shameful, or otherwise disgracing association or connotation.
1a) After several sessions of water sports, the gay couple began exploring coprophagic activities including deep rimming and anal sucking.

1b) "Did you enjoy the coprophagic humor in 'The Help' when a discharged domestic worker in the book/movie prepared a pie from her own fecal excretions and fed it to her former employer?"

2a) When the wife returned home unexpectedly finding her husband lustily pumping his seed into the family's pet collie, all he could do was look back sheepishly with a coprophagic grin.

2b) Considering their winless season, their failure to score in several games, and their seemingly indifferent playing style, even the coach began badmouthing his own coprophagic team.
by Fatlips October 17, 2011
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to love shit, or to literally enjoy eatting the shit of another. <similar to scat>
The mistress was into autocoprophalia.
by ATTY@LAW April 28, 2003
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