A "card" which is "played" on one's birthday so the birthday boy or girl can get his or her way.
Blake didn't want to go out clubbing, but Erica played the birthday card and she felt obligated to go.
by Jakestar January 20, 2006
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When you are no longer in contact with a person, but they still mail you a birthday card on your birthday!?!?
We haven't talked in months, but apparently we are on Birthday Card Status!
by Lucy Loo Allblue January 19, 2012
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One may choose to ‘play the birthday card’ within the 24 hour window known as their ‘birthday’ in order to guilt trip somebody into agreeing to their mediocre plans...
Dana: Dude I’m not just gonna come suck your dick at your dirty ass apartment then drive you 2 hours so you can hang out w/ your parents who you pretty much still live with anyways...
Russ: Gee that’s funny cause according to this calendar it’s MY BIRTHDAY.

Dana: Fuck, you’re playin the birthday card? Aight fair enough gahaaahhaahaha
Russ: Byawwwwww
by Rusty Spoons July 6, 2019
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