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A breast, boob or tit. Although found in the singular form it is most frequently used as a plural, Charlies.
"Look at the Charlies on that!"
"Well, we'd just finished bonking and I was lying on me back at peace with the world and she turned over quick and I got a charlie right in the chops!"
by Croatalin September 8, 2013
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This is where a male person has sex with a woman of advanced age, quite literally old enough to be his granny. There is no love involved, it is usually done for a bet or some other reason. If the woman is rich or a celebrity, the male becomes known as a 'toy-boy'. If a woman indulges in a graveyard fuck, it's invariably with a man who is rich and powerful and she expects marriage to result. She's in it purely for the money so I suppose that makes her a whore and therefore it's not really a graveyard fuck..
Look at that old bat blowin' kisses at Jed!
Well, that's what happens when you get pissed and have a graveyard fuck.
by Croatalin February 18, 2014
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A description that can be applied to a male or female. When applied to a male it usually means that he thinks only about sex and is only happy when he is using his cock and is happy to use it on any female even the most minging munter imaginable. When applied to a female the implication is that she is a nymphomaniac and is only happy when she has a cock (any cock) inside her.
Malcolm would be cock happy, but he hasn't got one.
Janice is cock happy, but even she draws the line at Malcolm.
by Croatalin January 11, 2014
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US Army slang with multiple meanings depending on the inflexion used, two of the commonest are:-

a) Are you giving me the facts?
b) I am telling you the absolute truth!
Get your gear together, there's been an attack on Headquarters and we're goin' out to hunt Charlie!
No shit?
No shit!
by Croatalin November 7, 2013
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British army slang acronym from just after the Second World War and stands for Balls, Bum and Armpits. This referred to the areas washed when speed is of the essence or water in short supply, somewhat similar to an airplane bath. Extremely common during the 1950s when National Service was compulsory for all British males between the ages of 17 and 21, the BBA was reintroduced to the public conciousness by author Jonathan Gash in his Lovejoy novels.
Right, a quick BBA and I'm off on the piss!
by Croatalin April 24, 2014
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A renifleur is someone, can be male or female, who gets sexual pleasure from smells. This can be triggered by a particular smell which is why males and females can be more sexually receptive when a certain perfume or after shave is used. In very rare cases it can be triggered by ordinary, everyday, common smells which means that the subject must be kept in a sterile, odour-free environment.
Have you smelled the stench coming off Malcolm? He's enough to make the most ardent renifleur get nose plugs!
by Croatalin December 31, 2014
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US Army slang common during the Vietnam War, although possibly originating much earlier than this. It means a soldier who is a combat virgin who has not been 'blooded' and, therefore, one whose behaviour in combat is unpredictable. The arrival of a new soldier as a replacement in an established unit was always difficult, hence the referral to such an arrival as FNG (Fucking New Guy). Where this soldier had not seen combat the difficulty was compounded and the established troops viewed them with suspicion as an unknown quantity.
We just got a load of replacements for the guys evaced out last week, no lifers all FNG cherries.
by Croatalin April 27, 2014
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