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A breast, boob or tit. Although found in the singular form it is most frequently used as a plural, Charlies.
"Look at the Charlies on that!"
"Well, we'd just finished bonking and I was lying on me back at peace with the world and she turned over quick and I got a charlie right in the chops!"
by Croatalin September 8, 2013
The British meaning of 'lunting' is to walk whilst smoking a pipe. Lunting is used by pipe smokers as a means of relaxation or easing stress. In addition Lunting can also mean emitting smoke or steam or the act of lighting a fire, torch or tobacco pipe.

Dating from around 1540 - 1550, the origin is believed to be from the Dutch word 'lont' meaning a slow match or fuse or possibly the Middle Low German 'lonte' meaning a wick.
"Sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm takin' me pipe and going lunting!"
by Croatalin December 4, 2013
English slang from the South-West, it means to try to cry in order to evoke sympathy. Usually practised by children under ten in order to try to gain concessions from parents.
But Mum, everyone else is going!
Well you're not, so stop your crinting and live with it.
by Croatalin February 1, 2014
To walk using dance steps; in the Vietnam War it was used to mean walking carelessly whilst on patrol, to move through enemy territory without paying attention to your surroundings and thus putting the other members of the patrol at risk.
By extension to move or act without considering the effect on others.
See that dumbass on point? Asshole's diddy bopping like 'e's in 'is own backyard! Fucker's gonna get us all killed!
Number ten! You gonna k-bar the fucker?
by Croatalin November 6, 2013
Unlike WASP, this is s British acronym standing for Waste Of Space Prick (sometimes Prat or Pillock) and is usually applied to someone who is so monumentally stupid that they don't even realise they're stupid.
Malcolm's done it again! He got sent some malware and, instead of isolating it, he copied it to everybody, now the system is down for three days while it's cleaned out!
What a WOSP
by Croatalin December 7, 2013
British acronym standing for Born Again Biker. A person, usually a male in their forties or fifties, who goes through some sort of life crisis and buys themselves a huge, expensive motorcycle together with loads of expensive gear and takes to the road in an attempt to capture their lost youth. This is invariably unsuccessful and many get over it after twelve to eighteen months, some unlucky ones, however, become traffic accident statistics.
Have you heard, Mike's become a BAB and bought himself a huge, fucking Ducati!
by Croatalin December 12, 2013
UFHC - Unfit For Human Consumption. The term was originally applied for meat or other foodstuffs destined for the pet food industry. Its use has now been expanded so that it is applied to persons (male or female) who are truly repulsive and whose presence makes your skin crawl.
Hey, that asshole Georgie is hittin' on Julie again!
Oh man! That guy is really creepy! Totally UFHC
by Croatalin November 23, 2013