Something that weenies do after they take a dump.
Meagan: "Who wipes??"
Hannah: "NOT ME!"
Meagan: "Me either"
Hannah: "Obviously."
*Clyde walks in*
Meagan and Hannah "..."
Clyde: "I wipe..."
Meagan: "Ew."
Wiping, Wiped, Wiper. The act of sliding, slapping or simply moving your penis across someone's face.
Jimmy proceeded to wipe his dick across Maratha's face wile spraying his man seed all over her face.
by KiLlEdByArAyGuN March 26, 2012
someone who is somehow able to ruin any given situation, no matter the circumstance.
Guy 1: "Dude! I can't believe Jeff deleted our entire project! It's due today!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, what a wipe."
by Tasty Trio August 28, 2018
The thing that makes people in the hood rich. A common street drug.
Hustlah: "YEOOO, I got That!"
Fiend: "What you got?"
Hustlah:"I got That Wipe"
Fiend:"Aiight say no More"
by artifacthunter13 December 8, 2014
A term from paintball. To intentionally remove or wipe off paint after being eliminated from a game in an effort to continue to play.
Hey ref, I saw the guy with the red marker wipe twice this game.
by Paintball.Charon July 28, 2005
When a complete team on Destiny voluntarily kills themselves in order to restart a mission.
by RobbReport July 30, 2017
An offensive term usually used by teenagers to describe how annoying or autistic someone is at the moment.
Aidan: Men tastes good with Stromboli and pepperoni.
Brandon: Shut up wipe.
by riderghost123 February 14, 2019