She is the most beautiful person you'll meet inside and out. She has a heart of gold that's filled with kindness. The happiness she gives you is like no other! The feelings she gives you when you kiss or hold her is just something that you can't describe! All you want to do once you've met her is be able to spend every single day with her. She is the most special lady you'll ever meet in your life and will be the lady you want to spend the rest of your life with! She will be your reason and motivation to get through each day! You'll do whatever it takes to never lose her cos you know you'll never meet someone like her again! She will be your one and only!
Sammy is truly amazing!
by cutiepie100000 February 12, 2013
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a chill dude. He is so chill he makes me shiver at the sight of him.
Grant: Brrr… Why’d it get so cold in here all of a sudden?
Kunda: Oh Sammy must’ve j enetered the premises.
by Jiggaboo Niggaboo March 10, 2022
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A person who is a great flirt and knows how to work their magic on people.

Plays people and knows how to get their own way when sex or any sort of sexual relationship is involved.

Sammy's never know when to shut up and will flirt with anything they see potential sexual contact with. They also tend to be pretty damn funny and you either love them or you hate them.
Most of them are pricks but they're lovable ones.
A 'Sammy' can refer to a male or female.
Go over there and flirt like you're a Sammy!
by Tiktackz August 11, 2011
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A sexy girl who know's how to flaunt it, but doesn't flaunt to much.
She's a great friend to everybody, and is usually gorgeous!
If you ever meet a sammy, you should immediatley try to befriend her because she will be one of the greatest people you will ever meet!
She has an eviable body and a beautiful, angel like face!
"DAMN, that girl is hot!"

"She has to be a Sammy, there's just no other explanation!"
by Domino17 August 25, 2009
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Someone who eats ice more often then drinking water. usually inside a bowl or a cup. unlike normal people they dont eat ice thats leftover from a drink, they get it on its own
Oh, dont eat that ice. dont be a sammy
by ssoonn December 9, 2021
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Someone who enjoys whole milk and despises almond milk
"Hey did you get almond milk?"
"Nope, I can't stand it, I'm such a Sammy."
by Soybean Studios October 31, 2020
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