A girl who is most likely very innocent-looking and often shy, but when it comes to sex likes to be kinky etc.
by Nattzgiveshead October 11, 2011
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A person who has highly, unusual sexual fantasies. Fantasizing upon sexual intercourse, in which they make their fantasizing sound good.
Having phone sex will define someone as being a freak because they have such an unusual sexual fantasy.
by twabo July 9, 2013
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most people think that if you are different you are a freak. I've been called a freak for as long as I can remember. weirdo is another word that people like to use. what most people don't realize is when you call someone a freak, you're saying that they're unique, and there's no one else like them. a lot of people think that being a freak is a bad thing. it's not. it's a title to wear like a badge of honor. to outer darkness with all of the people who think freaks are not worth anything! we are still people. we have value. freak = weirdo = unique. love you for you. if you are different than others and you feel like you are better of, dead. don't you fridge'n dare. you are a beautiful and unique person and a lot of people love you.
kid one: *walking down the hallway*
kid two: *walks toward them and "accidentally" bumps into them*
kid one: *hisss!*
kid two: "what are you a cat? you're such a freak.
by Blue Leopard January 26, 2020
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Jorge- Yo you seen the post i sent you!
Carlos- yeah, I'd Pill Cosby
Jordon- ayo wtf, you're a FREAK!
by wake up wake up March 6, 2021
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someone super wild and cool
your a "freak" in bed
by JordynBev09 December 19, 2007
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A person who is a freak is that they are a very good kisser and they are kinda sexual and they give you hickeys, lap dance and gets on you,but guys and girls like that in a person.
Oh I like girls who are freaks
by she.cares.less November 22, 2015
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A person who is currently or in he past hasn't done something that isn't up to your par and you would like to single them out. A better use is in large masses chanting at specific people.
" Oh hey Jimmy, how's it going?"
"I'm doing fine for now manny what about you"

"Great,but oh no Liam is coming over"
"Hey you, Freak. Who do you think you are standing there, begone freak"
by Timothy Vanscoy October 28, 2017
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