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MGM = male genital mutilation, ritual or pseudo therapeutic circumcision of penis foreskins, especially of boys incapable of giving knowledgeable consent. MGM leaves victims with decreased capacity for sexual enjoyment as adults, and sometimes a propensity to perpetuate similar mutilations in subsequent generations. Some claim MGM reduces AIDS infection risks, improves hygiene, and enhances aesthetic appearance. However, scientific evidence is either lacking or contrary. Aesthetic considerations are debatable, but the risk of infection, surgical error, and psychological scarring is irrefutable.
1. The young man thanked God his parents were too smart to be talked into MGM for him and his brothers.
2. MGM is the male counterpart of FGM (female genital mutilation), in that the boy's penis is butchered instead of the girl's clitoris.
3. I am happy to have survived my childhood intact (natural), untouched by MGM.
cut gomco FGM circumcision foreskin fetish prepuce penis
by Fatlips May 14, 2009

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adjective, (literally) "shit eating"

1. Pertaining to voluntary ingestion of excrement, either for sexual excitement or self-effacement.

2. Describing something with a guilty, shameful, or otherwise disgracing association or connotation.
1a) After several sessions of water sports, the gay couple began exploring coprophagic activities including deep rimming and anal sucking.

1b) "Did you enjoy the coprophagic humor in 'The Help' when a discharged domestic worker in the book/movie prepared a pie from her own fecal excretions and fed it to her former employer?"

2a) When the wife returned home unexpectedly finding her husband lustily pumping his seed into the family's pet collie, all he could do was look back sheepishly with a coprophagic grin.

2b) Considering their winless season, their failure to score in several games, and their seemingly indifferent playing style, even the coach began badmouthing his own coprophagic team.
by Fatlips October 17, 2011

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Yellow Bomb: a gallon size plastic jug, such as once contained milk or water, now used as a urinal by truckers and other vehicle drivers and passengers to avoid travel delays at conventional rest stops. Yellow bombs can be utilized by men and boys with just a single hand to manipulate a penile insertion into the neck of the container. Women and girls can accomplish the same final outcome, but may require some practice to acquire the skill necessary to avoid spillage or overspray, may require two hands to simultaneously hold up the container and hold back garments, and may require a funnel like appliance (commercially available) to direct their stream. Very young children typically need a more mature helper to hold the yellow bomb in the appropriate position in relation to the relevant genitalia. As the container becomes filled with urine, it takes on the yellowish appearance of its contents. As the filled container is thrown out of a moving vehicle, it may explode upon impact with the roadside. This likely explains the origin of the name, yellow bomb. The more environmentally conscious users of yellow bombs do not discard them at roadside; rather, they empty the contents onto mother earth and recycle or continue to use the container.
1) "Daddy, I can't pinch it anymore; I've GOT to GO!" "OK, Son, just grab the yellow bomb out of the back seat and let it flow."
2) "Damn it! I was walkin' down the highway, mindin' my own freakin' business, and some asshole truck driver pitched his yellow bomb out his window. It burst right in front of me and gave me a smelly golden shower. YUCK!"
3) "Sorry, Honey, but our maladroit little daughter just spilled the yellow bomb all over our back seat."
by Fatlips August 10, 2016

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