flower, it's nector would keep the olympians young, could be a food or a drink, grows on mount olympus
at celebrations the gods would feast on ambrosia
by dancingonly4u! November 21, 2006
A mixed drink derived from 5 parts milk and 1 part vodka.
That's not milk--it's ambrosia. Drink of the gods.
by thecolonelpudge July 24, 2009
1. The substance with nectar formed the food and drink of the gods. Of who partook of Ambrosia, became immortal.

2. Anything that is exquisitely gratifying in taste or scent.

3. Ragweed

4. Beebread
"And Heracles partook of ambrosia and became immortal"
by Vlodomyr May 26, 2005
Bloody cum, usually found in men with a prostate problem. However disgusting this seems, it is the most protein enhanced and tasty on the market.
Statement from an avid lover, "I was always anemic until I was able to rely on my daily dose of ambrosia."
by p.wog September 7, 2009
The perfect girl for you.Everything you look for in a girl.She is just beautiful
You are my Ambrosia
by Dinisia923 April 4, 2019
A very high potent strain of kush. Known for it's high THC levels. Ambrosia gives a clear high.
Dude I got so high off of that ambrosia.
by KushKid91 March 21, 2008
The sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
Ambrosia was an apple
by Astridoki August 9, 2019