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The literal meaning is 'one who eats faeces'; at one time French beef farmers used to feed their cattle human faeces as a cheap food and because the substance contains large amounts of partially digested cellulose, resulting in coprophagic cows. Coprophagic behaviour is also exhibited by dogs under certain conditions, but can be prevented by feeding them tinned pineapple.

The use of the term has expanded, however, to mean a person, can be male or female, who is not very bright but is always smarming round the boss. The sort of behaviour exhibited is laughing excessively at the smallest joke; apparently sharing the same interests and hobbies as the boss; getting the boss tea or coffee without being asked; sending the boss birthday and Christmas cards often with a small gift attached. In short the sort of behaviour that makes you think if the boss crapped on their desk, this person would eat it anbd swear it was ice cream. These people are usually poor performers and it's only their relatioship with the boss that stops them from being potted.

It is quite safe to call these people 'coprophage' to their face as they won't know what it means and won't have the initiative to look it up.
Malcolm's just given the boss a big Christmas card and a present, so I told him he was the perfect coprophage. The twat looked at me as if I'd just paid him a compliment!
You did, nothing about that wanker is perfect.
by Croatalin March 27, 2014
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