The ability to look good while doing something you are bad at.
He was absolutely horrible at guitar, but the song was still really cool.
by pmiron November 20, 2008
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Someone who buys an iPhone, which don't work in your left hand, occasionally overheat, and the outer casing has a tendency to break.
Aiden is cool because he owns a dodgy iphone.
by Stono September 21, 2010
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"COOL" should be defined by the ablitly to be well rounded in pop culture and talk like you are on gilmore girls....football and cheerleading dont enter the equation
All the weird kids you knew in highschool...they are cool
by randomwordsIredefine March 10, 2010
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cool like a rich person
hey i am so like robert who is cool unlike william the one who dwells in the potato room
by sofaman November 23, 2007
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