an article of clothing that comes in various styles including leather motorcycle jackets, leather bomber jackets, leather sportcoats, leather car coats.
They are awesome to use while jerking off. They feel really good agianst your hard cock.
My dad looks sexy in his leather jacket.
Mi papa se ve sexy en su chaqueta de cuero.

I want to jerk off on my dad's leather jacket while he watches.
Quiero hacerme la paja con la chaqueta de cuero de mi papa mientras el mira.

He shot all of his cum onto his dad's leather jacket.
EL tiro toda la leche encima de la chaqueta de cuero de su papa.
by LeatherJacket February 4, 2008
a esl kid who always wears a leather jacket.

a snitch

a fag
u leather jacket u always wear the same thing
by jame baleno April 1, 2005
Aka "Mother Fucker" ---- Leather Jacket is often picked up as a automatic word correction in text programs so as your are sending a text and want to call somebody a motherfucker you may find when it's sent that you have called them a leatherjacket. Very common on GoSMS.
See description for Leather Jacket above
by bdizzle562 May 21, 2012
People who think they are cool and popular were this. Also they are gay
You where a leather jacket. Well stop
by Rayzor2424 December 11, 2019
Leather jacket time is the time from October to until it gets hotter then 55 degrees Fahrenheit. during this time all men (ie. non pussies) are encouraged to wear a heavy leather jacket while all women are encouraged to wear light heavy jackets.
The Leather Jacket Time trend was started near the year 2005 by people who believed that the Leather Jacket symbolized coolness. They were probably Fonz and terminator fans; the world will never know.
by .T September 30, 2009
someone who usually keeps to themselves and is unpopular or a loser. The "leather jacket foreskin" is king of the foreskins and is therefore a much bigger loser than the rest of his foreskin crew. Usually people with the name "dylan Bretherton" are reffered to as leather jacket foreskins because they are bullied by their peers.
guy 1: hey did you see dylan at the party
guy 2: no. he never goes to parties
guy 1: hes such a leather jacket foreskin
guy 2: i heard he got bummed by taylor nastri
by foresKIN May 16, 2013
An innocent bystander roaming the streets at night, usually wearing a leather jacket, subject to drunk rants from a group behind them yelling insults.
by OG stank daddy May 16, 2013