Opposite of slow, Last of the Muscle Cars
"Damn yo! That Firebird smoked your civic and he wasn't even racing you!"
by Tmac August 29, 2003
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The Best Fucking Line of Cars Ever Created by Man only second to its big brother the GTO Judge. Its has been said that God Gave the Firebird to John Delorean in a dream, it came down from the heavens like an angle blazing with the light of God, with one goal, to get its driver some pussy. The Firebird has been known to get its owner thrown in jail on many occasions for manslaughter when sum stupid mother fucker comes up to you and says, "hey Buddy,... Nice Camaro."
"But Judge, He called my Firebird a Camaro"

The Judge replies, " I understand, case dismissed, Let this man go free, there is an 84' missing its driver."

Justice Has Been Served, Long Live The Firebird (1968-2002)
by JBall The Destroyer January 4, 2010
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(n)A sports car made by Pontiac; the little brother of the Trans Am, the Firebird has a v6 that, even when stock, can beat a v6 mustang and hang with a cobra. easily modified and often refferred to as pimptacular
person 1: "did you see that firebird smoke that mustang?"
person 2: "does he have NAAWWS?!"
person 1: "hell no! its bone stock!"
by g weezy November 7, 2003
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The car that just passed you. Yeah it was that blur of red tail lights.
Dang was that a Firebird (also known as Formula or Trans Am)
by The Goldenphoenix September 25, 2003
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cousin to the camaro, its one of the best cars ever made. will smoke any ford or import pos out there. official car of people with good taste and judgement.
i have a 98 trans am and it turns heads more than a naked chick walking down the street? (couldnt think of anything else)
by asswack May 21, 2005
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