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The most beautiful girl a guy could ask for. She tends to be nice, caring, forgiving, funny, and kind. She is usually athletic and a good swimmer and runner. She can make a person smile just by texting them. Any guy who dates her would be lucky to have such a great girlfriend. But she most likely has a bad taste in baseball teams.
"You're dating Andrea? You are so lucky!"
by Eric<# February 20, 2013
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a smart, beautiful, athletic, creative, girl that any boy would be lucky to have. She is loyal, honest, and will stand up for herself and her love ones
Girl 1: Andrea just got elected prom queen
Girl 2: i knew it there was no way to compete with her she's perfect
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Is a outstanding outgoing goddess. Falls in love easy but once you mess up she will forgive you again but hard to get back once you had her. We staydown for a real one threw hard times and the good ones. Has been threw alot so if you have a situation she can most likely relate. Very beautiful at heart and soul and outer appearance. Will help you pronounce her name ( mines is said like Undrea but spelled Andrea). She is very smart also a people person until you cross the line, she will forgive you but don't fuck with her like no more cause she will think you a snake by now. Guys tend to think she is the most gorgeous person in the world but don't tell her that you have to prove it to get what you want from. DO NOT PLAY HER CAUSE SHE WILL ALWAYS FIND OUT.!!!! If love her show it in many ways. She is a funny person out of no where. She is very artistic in anything, will tell you the truth even if it hurts you. She is a piece of royalty if you get to know her. Don't play dumb with cause she smart. She loves everyone even if you do mess up your chance with her. The true definition of Love at First Site 😊PS. She crazy so watch her
Wow Andrea the most one a kind girl in the world.!
by Love.Dreaaaaaa June 06, 2015
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A unique, stunning and amazing woman unlike any other. Her outer beauty is only outshined by her inner beauty. Don't be afraid of heights because you're guaranteed to fall for her. She will permeate every aspect of your life, awake or dreaming, she's in every thought, hope, dream, desire, forever and always on your mind, filling every available space in your heart. She doesn't always think she's worthy, but you know differently. You will make sure you give her everything she ever wants and needs until she fully believes she deserves that happiness.
Andrea is the grand fucking prize.

Andrea is everything I hoped and dreamed she'd be.

Andrea makes sexyface without knowing it.
by Melmywords January 02, 2017
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Andrea is a great woman. Beautiful, smart and adventurous. She is also a beautiful and dedicated mother.
Andrea Vieira
by Greendebz February 25, 2013
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Her name means "beautiful lady" in latin. She is true perfection and is easy to fall in love with. Her smile makes you smile, her cry makes you cry. Her laugh makes you laugh. Her big beautiful blue and sparkly eyes see into your soul. She makes a permanent mark in your heart. She is always there for you no matter what. You can tell her anything because she is so trustworthy. You may say she is perfect in every way, but nobody will believe you until they meet her. She attracts stupid guys like yourself but you can't leave her alone she is so great to be with. Your life will be worthless without her. You will do whatever it takes to be with her because she's worth it. No one compares to her. When you talk to her you never want to leave her side, no matter what pulls you apart. Things may happen, conflicts, but in the end, she is the one. The special girl you have been waiting for your whole life and now you want to spend the rest of that life with with her. She is your one true love that lives within your heart permanently. The love of your life.
Wow I've never felt so in love being with someone like Andrea. Wow.
by nhojneirbo February 14, 2015
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