so the best of the best is where you have all the best together in all the universes of all time , past , present and future. and you the best out of all of that or them. it could be cars, food, or people like martial artist, or best kisser, or best at having sex. its pretty diverse and vast.
i am the best of the best. he is the best of the best.
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a lame line a sales person uses to push junk out of a store just for the sale.
you can buy better then this, its the best of the best
by boboli October 9, 2006
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Someone amazing, who is always there for you and who cares about you a whole lot. They are incredible and wonderful, and they are the best person in your life. They are the best. They are fun and nice and smart and witty and funny and interesting and astounding, and they bring so much happiness.
by Lauren224 April 5, 2017
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what a guy calls his “girl best friend” that he is so obviously in love with but for some reason can’t make up his mind about what to do, usually used after a failed relationship. The bond and feelings are still there but it just doesn’t work.
Michaela: “Raymond, what even are we? you say one thing and then act totally different.”
Raymond: “Michaela, you are my best best friend.”
by kellyhasabowl March 3, 2020
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In a friend group of four there is always two friends who tell their problems to the other two so the other two always help them with their problems. The Best best friends also like to ship them and do everything for them to be together.
Cool girl:oh look at those love birds,we really are the best best friends
by Alehandro1 March 16, 2022
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Your amazing best best friend is the type of friend that will always be there for you no matter what happens. They will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and you choke on your food and you almost die. They will help you through depression by listening to you and making you laugh. The only reason you two aren’t siblings is because your parents wouldn’t be able to handle you. Overall, your amazing best best friend is someone you want to find as soon as possible. Make sure you stay friends FOREVER.
Person 1: Who’s that?
Person 2: Oh that’s my amazing best best friend.
by TheAmazingBestBestFriend September 12, 2021
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Often referred to as NTJ (Naked towel Jason), Grandpa J, Papa Johns, J Pops, Towel Jason, and J man. He is someone who carries a towel 24/7 and believes beddings such as a pillow and blanket is overrated. He sleeps with little or no clothing. He LOVES to sing opera in the bathroom, especially La Donna È Mobile. From the outside he looks like a bamboo stick, however, he is even more of a bamboo stick on the inside. He has an AMAZING jawline, it gives everyone a paper cut just by looking at it. His iconic style often includes a casual button up shirt (the top button must be buttoned up), khaki pants, and thick converse.
"Wanna go g it with the world's best best grandpa!!!?" - Wise friend
"He probably is a naked towel" - Wise friend
"Japanese, just very Japanese" - Other wise friend
"Laughs like a monkay" - Other wise friend

"He is a very nice person, I personally would sacrifice myself for him" - Another wise person
by Universally Handsome Man July 21, 2022