A fake compliment said in a condescending tone of voice. A sarcastic comment that translates to you suck.
Loser: Oh no I just crashed my car
Jackass: YOU'RE COOL.
by dilary huff December 29, 2005
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sacastic way of telling someone that they dont care and to stop bragging about something they did.
girl: OMG i was so drunk last night! and i fucked some random guy haha i wassss soooooooo fucked!"
by chanelbabycakes March 7, 2010
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What you say when somebody has to ensure their "coolness". It has to be done in a sarcastic tone, or else the effect isn't achieved.
1: Dude, do you have the homework? I fell asleep last night
2: Nah man, I don't do homework, that shit is fucking nerdy
1: Oh you're cool.
by dat assases May 1, 2009
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This saying is used to peer pressure others into doing bad activities, such as drugs, pooing in front of others, or drinking another dude's piss. However, it sounds so retarded that it can only be used ironically, and my friends and I often use it in a very joking and ironic context, encouraging each other to do absolutely retarded shit by chanting "do it and you're cool"
Dave: You should do drugs and eat poo on the balcony
Tomas: What the fuck? In Hungary, drugs are punished by horse archer firing squad, and I don't want that fate
Dave: Do it and you're cool
by HandleBrake12 November 11, 2020
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A phrase usually mentioned to get someone to do something that may not be cool but, sometimes is.
Bro 1: Dude, odds you do three pirate shots?
Me: Uh, Naw.
Bro 2: C'mon, Do it and you're cool!
Me: Well can't argue with that. *Chugs away*
by Investigate311#BirdUp April 19, 2019
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a useful phrase that comes in handy when some dumbass does something 'cool'.
but really. it's stupid.

you're not cool.
actually. you're about as cool as this definition.
that makes sense.
by sammy____ September 14, 2006
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Hello, if you see this you're cool
Hello, if you see this you're cool
by MemeTime1337 May 4, 2022
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