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a really sexy chick at my school
Damn dude, conti looks super hot today.
by Snugglyburr February 26, 2004
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Often come in a pair such as twins. Twins of cockasian heritage, and often looked at as gangstas who love the bling. In other words P.I.M.P.'s who love Any National American Language. In other words twins with style.
Hey u cunt act like a conti.
by Antonio January 13, 2005
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There are several definitions and key components of this small creature.

1. Small
2. Two Millimeter Penis
3. Can only take 1 Cone or commonly know as a 'Kiddie Cone'
4. 'VX gets heavy after a while' is commonly heard...
5. Loves getting with goth fat chicks at raves
6. Vomits very often, even after just one cone!

Conti is a fun, fat chick loving boy. Who loves spending long summer afternoons, tie-dyeing shirts, with his lover...
He has accomplished much in his life, such as being the first living male to actually have a penis with the diameter of a pin, and the length of a full grown female ant.
He is also the first boy to officially use a Sony VX 1000e as a muscle building apparatus. His most favorite line is: "But I thought we we're going to hook up tonight?" followed by a raunchy kiss with a fat slut.
Boy: Your small, 2mm, kiddie cone, vx gets heavy, goth-chick lover.

Conti: No you mean i'm conti!
by vxtimeranghalfasian1000d November 17, 2008
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a person who has complete disredard for others.

a person that is rude, says inappropriate things.

a 'real' person.

someone that will yell across vast expanses trying to have a conversation whilst other conti cant hear anything
"what a conti"

"hey conti heres your beer"

"is he a conti? yeah he's a huge conti"

"such a conti thing to do"

"yeah he's a good conti"

"yeah he's a conti, not the good kind either"
by major_conti June 06, 2009
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