38 definitions by Antonio

a cocksucker that thinks he looks like a model but really likes having jagged objects thrust in his anus while watching old Hercules cartoons in his mothers basement.
"Look at the X-ti over there"
by Antonio December 23, 2004
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Often come in a pair such as twins. Twins of cockasian heritage, and often looked at as gangstas who love the bling. In other words P.I.M.P.'s who love Any National American Language. In other words twins with style.
Hey u cunt act like a conti.
by Antonio January 14, 2005
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Three blunts rolled together as one.
I just picked a 3 grams, 1 gram per blunt and we can roll a trey-latrit.
by Antonio September 18, 2004
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sticky substance formed in the uncircumcised skin of the penis due to poor hygine.
Casey's schmegma was too overwelming for Toni.
by Antonio June 27, 2004
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n.) The product of successful butt sex, usually tied to homosexual intercourse.
"I'm hot, lets go make ass milk."

*Also viewed on the liscence plate at the gay DMV on the recap. episode of Chapelle's Show.
by Antonio April 21, 2004
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