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1. Virus eXchange - Illegal underground culture accociated with trading and writing computer viruses. Also means persons that accociate themselves with said culture

2. VX gas - A very toxic nerve gas WMD
1. All the VXers are talking about Slammer.
2. Since eating that curry you'd think my farts were VX
by HexJam October 22, 2003
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An extremely potent organophosphate nerve agent. It was discovered by the British shortly after WWII and was promptly weaponized by most major powers. VX has the colour and consistency of motor oil. As with all nerve agents, VX blocks the function of acetylcholinesterase in the synapses, leading to recurring muscle spasms and eventually death by suffocation. Death can occur within 15 minutes of contact, either with skin or by inhalation/ingestion. VX is so lethal that a drop the size of Lincoln's eye on the reverse of an American penny is enough to kill an adult through skin contact. It is a persistent agent, therefore contaminated areas will remain contaminated for weeks or even months. It is difficult to destroy, since it is resistant to high temperatures and water will only increase the spread of contamination. These characteristics present an extremely acute cross-contamination hazard. If contact with VX occurs, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. To quote Nicholas Cage: "It's one of those things we wish we could dis-invent."
I'm picking up traces of VX, only a few parts per billion, but it's definitely here.
by RMC Chemist March 24, 2011
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The Fuckiest stuff on the planet. VX gas. A nerve gas. As it is melting your skin, it stops the brain fromsending messeges down the spinel cord. Stops breathing and mussels. You spaz so hard you spit your guts out. 200 times more powerful than CoCl2. One pinprock is enough to kill you. Canot be consumed unlike most nerve gasses.
Oh fuck! I breathed in VX poisen gas!
by asdfghjkl;qwertyuixsdcfghjk March 14, 2006
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The caziest guy on the UTDC hub
by VX December 02, 2004
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