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A beautiful girl, a perfect 10
Ewa is a dime!
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen December 14, 2014

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The reason why I've felt like shit since the fall of 2010
Life blows when you're heart broken.
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 16, 2015

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Trying to date multiple people at the same time, to have multiple sexual partners during the same period in one's life
Guy: "Isn't stressful having a girlfriend, a wife, and 2 side jawns?!?!?"

Guy2: "It's called juggling my man, only the strong survive!"
Guy: "Whatever dude, have fun catching herpes"
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 18, 2015

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Trading up means to get past your ex by finding someone better
You can't trade up from Danuta, you're just fucked for ever once you lose her!!
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 18, 2015

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When a person vanishes from another persons personal life
Frustrated with his immaturity and unhealthy childish habits Eve pulled a Houdini leaving Glyn heart broken
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen October 28, 2014

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1. To replace your boy/girlfriend with another of equal, or lesser value.

2. What a fucking loser does on purpose
3. How good people deceive themselves into thinking they've moved on with their lives. One can combat this deception by trusting their heart, and following their gut. Initial gut instincts are 99.9% accurate 100% of the time. However, people either forget, or dismiss them immediately.
Billy wanted to be like all the other kids in his class so he chose to trade down and move on with his life and subconsciously forfeited his balls, making him a unic.
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 18, 2015

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Name given to someone whose voice resembles that of former Def Jam recording artist, and hip hop icon DMX, and name also starts with the letter "G". ie, Glenn, Garry, Greg, Gordon, etc..
Person 1 : "Yo son, that Supa fly ass cracker Glenn sounds just like DMX!"
Person 2 : "You talking about Glenn with the crystal clear dark grey eyes, amazing personality?!?"
Person 1 : "Ya dumby! Glenn, the one that's mad cut, and has like 8 pairs of Louboutin sneakers"
Person 2 : " We call him GMX because he sounds just like DMX."
Person 1 : " Luckily he's in love with that mad beautiful Polish girl because if he wasn't he'd be taking all our bitches for sure!""
Person 2 : "NO DOUBT!!"
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 17, 2015

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