a term derived from the lifestyle of someone who lives in a weekly hotel such as the Budget Suites in Las Vegas. Meaning ghetto, crooked, scandalous, hood, etc
Mikey, "That bitch busted the homie in the head with a bottle of MD 20/20!"

Dante, "Nigga, that's weekly."
by Eiht Bizzle May 7, 2009
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so weak that you be talkin shit about it all week
"that's weekly! i can't believe he did that."
by torpedoheat September 25, 2007
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Weekly - Progress report given to your boss every week with accomplishments, significant issues and updates.
I have to give the boss my weekly before I leave work today.
by billrepps December 13, 2009
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Weeklies - Multiple reports given to the boss known as a weekly.
My boss has to combine everyone's weeklies to do his weekly for his boss.
by billrepps December 13, 2009
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Familiar term used for a 1. Gem Grabber, 2. Listener of the podcast, 3. Creator and devout follower of internet celebrity Nick mason and Goat Han Solo.
"That Weekly Wackadadoo sure is a bloody legend mate!"
by JaxRuan September 16, 2016
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A weekly newspaper detailing the various examples of bullshit to come out of a certain person's mouth, written in a satircal manner. It is written in a good humoured manner, depicting the person as, amongst other things, World Squash Champion, and a Buddhist. You may think "well surely it must end at some point" well no because there is endless amounts of bullshit coming out of his mouth. Written, illustrated, and published by Halz.
Well Halz, I'm looking forward to the next edition of the Weekly Bull on Monday!
by Kill Angus October 18, 2006
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Weekly Japanese magazine containing lots of manga each week. Famous for being the magazine in which manga like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, or Bleach serialize.
I just got Weekly Jump - I can't wait to get my D.Gray-man fix.
by SuperShooter! January 24, 2005
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