Spilling your guts in the hope of divine forgiveness, possibly about spilling someone elses guts.
"I mutilated hoards but I'm sorry! Please let me into heaven."
by sachi D February 21, 2005
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female masturbation: slang used to publicaly speak to your friends about using your vibrater last night, so good that infact you saw god.
Sara: "sorry i couldnt pick up your call, i was going to confession before."
Vallen: "Damnnnnn.... you need to get some real dick already"
by blondesketeers April 19, 2011
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When you're in love with someone and you want to tell it.
I wanted to confess my feelings for you...
by jungscoped4life June 9, 2017
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To admit guilt. Fess up. To accept responsibility for a crime committed or some other lapse of judgement, sanity, or breach of socially or culturally acceptable conduct.
No. I did it. I confess. Let's not waste anybody's time.
by thunderbeing December 28, 2010
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I have a framed photo of a certain someone at the side of my bed hebebebe
Go away jackavacado if that is your real name this is my confession you avocado man
by Dom's shiny booty cheeks October 29, 2020
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A game played by 2 or more people in which one player makes two "confessions"; one being true, the other a lie. If the other player(s) guesses which one is true, the player that made the confession must remove one item of clothing. If they guess incorrectly, the next player males their confessions.
"This party is lame."

"Hey, let's play Confessions! I wanna see that one girl naked"
by 2frsh June 28, 2015
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Something you do when you're at peak high but still have a little bit of sanity left. Also rather impulsive and rash but still something one won't regret.
I wanted courage to make a confession so I ended up being high but rational, then said I liked them in a different language...
by YHKG November 1, 2021
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