To face off a person with the intent to argue
Bitch I'm confronting you.
by Slimthic11 July 20, 2017
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Confrontation is an element of conflict wherein parties confront one another, directly engaging one another in the course of a dispute between them. A confrontation can be at any scale, between any number of people, between entire nations or cultures, or between living things other than humans. Metaphorically, a clash of forces of nature, or between one person and his own causes of internal turmoil, might be described as a confrontation.
by Α January 26, 2022
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Nobody can confrontate coz confrontate isn't a word.
Leang makes up words like confrontate.
by cinny January 16, 2004
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Another more polite way of saying to fuking bring it
i'm gonna confront her and beat her see step up
by ~*~Lil J~*~ April 9, 2005
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Having the ability to confront someone directly with being offensive or confrontational.
Now that I've learned to be assertive, I tend to be confrontive as soon as I feel it is important to do so.
by Janeta Jane December 5, 2019
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A shortening of the word Confrontational for people with bad vocabulary
The man at the tea shop can't look me in the eye because he is non-confrontal
by Sean3113 July 4, 2018
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The inability to just SHUT THE FUCK UP for more than five seconds at a time
Owen: How do you feel about going to the movies with Dave and Tyler?

Rachel: I'd rather not, David is so confrontational!
by XuKano October 17, 2008
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