A term used for someone who has a low social status or someone who is considered useless to society.
"The commoner tried getting into my father's country club but our security guards threw him out."
by kenzk February 12, 2009
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One of the common people, not a member of the high class ppl....noble peepz.
he called me a commoner cos i didnt have all the fancy stuff he had,,,,fancy watches....fancy cars.....fancy girls....fancy etc.
by Free! December 6, 2003
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A commoner is not always a 'chav' or 'scally' some just want to get on in life, some are happy with how they are, some want to get on in life, and encourage their kids to learn a trade.
Can be found in the place of work.
by Jay112 February 13, 2005
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Commoners make up the large majority of the population in the UK. They are associated with being average. They are brought up among every other social group. Educated in council schools, majority of them live in council estates. Females tend to be well behaved and cheery most of the times. They will make freinds with anyone in other social groups but that does not mean they will "hang around" with them. ie, a commoner will be friends with a goth or a metalhead and talk to them for a change, but townies have a reputation and will not want to be seen with them. Female commoners will hang around with chavs and neds because they think they're so "awesome" or "funny" even though chavs and neds are abusive, racist and violent towards others. Commoners listen to mainstream dance, pop and RnB as well as modern day hip hip, eminem, dr dre, britney spears, boy bands, dj cammy etc. Females like to wear whatever is in fashion and have a distinctive uniform (jane norman, lacoste etc) and often look like clones. They are concerned with their general appearance but have a poor diet of mc donalds and take away food. they wear fake tan and bleach blonde their hair in order to seem "attractive" towards other neds and chavs. You will see them everywhere, in malls, streets etc. Females are also described as the bitch, they talk about others behind their backs and are self centered and vain. Most commoners have a general IQ of about 120, where as NEDs and CHAVs stand at less than 30 if they're lucky, commoners can be nice people. Most stereotypes will see them as NEDs and Chavs which enjoy drinking every friday and saturday night. Commoners spend Monday to Friday at school or on MSN messenger talking to their freinds, they have profile webpages such as profileheaven, and will go out on a friday and saturday night to get drunk with other fellow chavs and neds. They dont really have any interests and if you ask one "what are you into?" 95% will reply with "boyz boyz drinkin, clubbin and boyz". Sundays they will spend recovering from a hang over. Most importantly, Commoners have no knowledge of the world beyond them, they are oblivious to the news, politics and other global matters. All that matters to them is their so called lives and they feel happy and secure with them.
Anyone who is on MSN for the majority of the day and has X X X and other "pretty" symbols in their display name is a Commoner, they like to take pictures of themselves with webcams, and advertise their boyfreinds on websites and msn such as "XX 4 YY 4eva n eva", ironically they break up after 3 months and restart the process. Anyone who hangs around street corners with lambrini on a friday and saturday night is a commoner. bleach blonding hair, fake tan, latest fashion senses and annoying repetitive dance and hip hop music listeners. They dont understand anyone elses feelings, they cannnot comprehend suffering. Sadly they are everywhere.
by Lord Iridius May 22, 2006
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Someone who's working class and has a hard time making ends meet. One of the many. Not lucky or blessed. Not a noble man.
Mike wasn't as blessed as Zak and born into a noble class. He is one of the masses who cannot afford to live on his own or support himself. Zak was lucky and uncommon and could make a fortune. Mike had to struggle, he was merely a commoner.
by Zacsplace May 17, 2008
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collective term for a scally and chav. certainly not middle class, and most certainly on the doll or a manual labourer, with few qualifications.
They will always be found on council estates and in sports shops looking for a new pair of classics.
by |Show| January 6, 2005
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a favorite hangout for the pseudo gangsters
pseudo gangster: yo, man, i feel mad boss standin next to the WWII monument on the common
by j-rob mad fresh April 14, 2010
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