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(noun) A person who makes you glad to be at work.

Background of the word: Cammy was a beloved coworker until her life was tragically cut short in a car accident on her way to work.
If it wasn't for my cammy, I would call in sick today.
by Coloradale October 08, 2009
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She is a sexy blonde from Street Fighter. Cammy's past is shrouded in mystery...and she can't remember much of it, either. She has been brainwashed by M.Bison to be a deadly assassin, but broke free of his control after he tried to kill her, but only succeeded in scarring her face. Cammy has since been recruited by the english military. She's sexy.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
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More reffered to as a pervert who loves nothing more than getting girls drunk and his car :)
"here mate, did you hear about cammy?"
"no what?"
" he got another 5 years, touching kids again"
by ilovekamusutra December 30, 2011
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cammy they are the most flirtiest girls in the world and fall in love very fast. They will do anything. They are very athletic, and they are the most stunning ( peng) girls they will my 1000000 roses drop to the floor they have great taste in boys and one day will be very popular. Cammy’s love to play around and normally have big boobs and a small bum. If you have a friend that is cammy you’ll be lucky and keep her forever she’s a lucky girl
Hey have you seen that girl cammy
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by Henry Stone December 14, 2018
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She wears clothing so tight that you can see her camel toe. My circuits overload every time she does those flashy kick attacks. :^D
After Cammy beat the crap out of M. Vega, she turned her back towards the camera to show the world how tight her sweet ass is.
by Mega Man September 08, 2003
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The type of name that people always misspell as Cammie, Cami, Kami, or Camy. It's fuckin' Cammy, like Tammy but with a C. Always gets nicknamed as Camster, Camel, Camry, Cam, etc. There are three types of Cammy's. The first type is the one that is nice and cute. She's the "girl-next-door" that always offers to babysit or bake you a cake when you're feeling down. This is the one that you wanna take home to mama. The other type of Cammy is the "badass with the standstill bitch face" type of gal. She's the one that is really aloof and too cool for school. Cammy from the game Streetfighter is a good example of this. Very rarely do you meet a Cammy who possess both types, but they exist. The last Cammy is the fuckin' weirdo that talks to herself and believes in horoscopes. This type of Cammy sets herself up to be made fun of. She does the dumbest shit and super gullible and easy to trick.
Have you met that chick Cammy. She's totally bitchin'.
by GoodDoggo69 September 26, 2018
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