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A nickname for Zachary, "Zak" is just as correct as "Zach, Zack, or Zac".
Is often annoyed when one spells his nickname as one of the three other variations.
Billy - Hey, how'd they spell your name on your coffee this time? *snicker*
Zak - Z A C K. God damn it.
by Boxmaker April 11, 2015
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(zak) n. 1. One who is admired for his skills with skateboarding, women, art, etc. 2. Plastic chair. 3. A notorious teenager from the early twenty-first century known for his delightful humor and good looks. 4. Scholar of Zakology.
-zak adj.
In the end, everyone finally realized that he was a true zak.
by insomniac8o8 April 09, 2004
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Someone who seems quiet and distant at first but when you get him talking it's like he can see right through you,
Is good at making you laugh,girls and realising problems that people have with each other.
wow he is such a zak
by Original me October 18, 2009
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The most incomprehensibley zealous, amazing, lovable, ravishing, awesome, beast, legendary, legit, amiable, perfect, ravishing, fetching, and brilliant person you will EVER meet!
Zak is so awesome! I love him more than anything ever!
by Tarasayshi April 28, 2013
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The hottest guy in the world!! He is perfect. Just an all around magnificent man. I cant help, but to smile when he looks at me with his amazing eyes. He looks straight through me. I LOVE HIM!!!!
by chelsea14323 April 05, 2011
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an absolutely amazing guy. he can be distant at times but when you really need him he seems to appear by your side. he is someone you will meet and never forget.
zaks are the best

i love my zak<3
by skankin. September 13, 2009
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Zak is an amazing guy. He may be kind of annoying whe you first meet him, but he's the best friend a guy could ever have.
by ThunderClanFinn June 17, 2018
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