Zak, has a fucking huge ass dick. It is so big he tucks it into his sock , if Zak comes over to your house you know your mother or sister WILL wind up pregnant.
Zak, is that a cucumber in your pants?
No it’s my huge ass cock
by Billy Dikener12456 December 22, 2019
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A nickname for Zachary, "Zak" is just as correct as "Zach, Zack, or Zac".
Is often annoyed when one spells his nickname as one of the three other variations.
Billy - Hey, how'd they spell your name on your coffee this time? *snicker*
Zak - Z A C K. God damn it.
by Boxmaker April 12, 2015
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A beautiful, funny, and extremely nice guy. Who can be a class clown sometimes.
Zak is amazing! He's so admirable! I'm crazy about him!
by Tayler H October 2, 2018
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Someone who seems quiet and distant at first but when you get him talking it's like he can see right through you,
Is good at making you laugh,girls and realising problems that people have with each other.
wow he is such a zak
by Original me October 18, 2009
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The most incomprehensibley zealous, amazing, lovable, ravishing, awesome, beast, legendary, legit, amiable, perfect, ravishing, fetching, and brilliant person you will EVER meet!
Zak is so awesome! I love him more than anything ever!
by Tarasayshi April 28, 2013
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Zak, he is usually a very quiet boy but with outstanding looks but once you know him he is as loving and kindhearted as the boy you would really need in the futurer.
OMG Zak is sooo fit
by Ellie mai June 26, 2018
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