71 definitions by j-rob mad fresh

like the phrase it's all greek to me, meaning you don't understand. However,

there is no language as british, so it is a stupid phrase
this math test is so hard! it's all british to me
by j-rob mad fresh May 1, 2010
a town in massachusetts that is lame. The most gangster guy drives a tractor and is named bubba bumpkin biscuit.
uxbridge is filled with so many farms, all we eat is corn and grass
by j-rob mad fresh April 11, 2010
similar to get rocked , get banged out, get dropped. something to threaten someone with or to say after you wreck someone.
if you keep hatin' youre gonna get wrecked

fool who is about to get wrecked:you are stupid

the cool dude who wrecks fools: get wrecked! (wrecks him)
by j-rob mad fresh May 26, 2010
rollin in mad fortune and fame
that playa is just ballin'
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010