The coolest, most awesome and righteous person or thing. Nobody or no thing is better or ever will be.
"Clint is the most clang dude I've ever met. Not like Ramon or Joe--they'll never be clang!"
by Stephen Welsh March 23, 2006
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When someone tries to be funny, but they fail, clang is said.
Failure: Your mum's so fat that she takes up two facebook profiles

Person: CLANG!
by humbugtheman October 12, 2009
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1. A slang term used for robot sex or porn, coming from the sound of machines banging.
2. A compiler front end for the LLVM compiler. It was developed by Apple and later became integrated with the LLVM compiler, leading to LLVM being called LLVM/Clang as well.
1. Two robots made clang noises as they had sex with each other.
2. I use LLVM/Clang on my Linux box, GCC is too bloated.
by Mjfan13298 September 08, 2018
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When a DJ has an especially bad mix, making the bassline go out of sync and "clang."
Dj Sy can scratch the shit out of that wax, but DAMN was that mix full of clang.
by Lucificifus March 30, 2005
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A really long, large, protruding clit that looks like a mini-cock. A combination of the words 'clit' and 'wang'
She really shouldn't wear that bikini, it shows off her massive clang
by courtesan June 16, 2007
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A joke name for porn involving one or more mechanical robots; mostly Transformers or Gundams. It derived from an Optimus/Megatron comic that, during the sex scene, made the sound effects "CLANG CLANG CLANG" and has been an internet meme on /m/ ever since.
/m/an #1: Can I have your CLANG CLANG CLANG folder? Especially the stuff with Dolores and Guncannon-tan."
by Ryoga-chan April 10, 2009
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