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A woman named Dolores has chestnut brown hair, and hazel/green eyes. She is beautiful in everyway, and draws you in with her adorkable personality. The greatest woman you will ever know, and it's a true shame if you do not have a person like her in your life. She can't be defined by hobbies, and skills, because the way about her is undefinable, because no collection of words in the English language could ever do her justice.
On a tranquil afternoon you'll find Dolores working out in her garden.
by Huck Finn September 18, 2016
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Dolores is a natural beauty with hazel eyes. Looks great with read lipstick. Shes spiritual and has a lot of faith. She can get on your nerves sometimes but it gets funny after a while. She has a great figure without even trying. She’s weird but you love it. Dolores would go out of her way for you and is very loyal. She has so much love to give and laughter to spread. An amazing girl inside and out.
Friend 1: Where’s Dolores?
Friend 2: Either praying or Studying.
by PrettyBoyBeef January 16, 2019
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A women that every man yearns for, not caring they're in the friend zone, they want her 100%, she can't be tamed.
I know a girl named Dolores, her beauty it's unique. I want her on lockdown but as much as I want her, I can't handle her.
by Boujee Banshee September 22, 2018
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generally gifted their name by ancestors. This is not say this is girl is anything but amazing. she is a girl with mad snowboard/wakeboard skillz. always up for a good time, as long as she up ends where she ought to at the end of the night. all the boys wish they could have her but she is eternally unavailable. loves to eat candy found in the bathroom.
dayum, check out that dolores over there!
by she who knows all February 04, 2010
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Girl in Las Vegas who stalks band members, makes them cry, and makes them walk around with security guards.
"Man that girl Dolores is such a stalker, Drew had to walk around with a security guard all night"
by Bryce A April 24, 2009
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