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you goin' to Delta Sig's rush party Saturday night? I hear dey be invitin' some hoes and plan on havin' 10 casks of keystone light.
by tim-tim April 24, 2004
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When you lie on your back between the chair and the ottoman and your lover straddles you and pees on you while reading the newspaper
When I got home last night, my wife gave me a golden gate bridge
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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the person responsible for negotiating XJT's Contract 2002 on behalf of the pilots.
My contract sucks, someone else is surely to blame!
by tim-tim April 26, 2004
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The stubble that is present after a chicks pubes start growing back in.
my hooker shaved her snatch for the weekend, but by Sunday she had a small villiage.
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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the grainy, hard stubble that grows a few days after a hot momma shaves her down under
my girl was smooth and slick friday but tha damn ho had a villiage growin' by monday - that shit scratched me up
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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the pinkish/brown mole just above the vaginal area that appears after a white woman shaves.
I grabbed Lois' grocery store feet and sread her legs apart as I trampled her on the sofa after winning the bowling tourney.

Just before our eyes met, I caught a glimpse of the shuckle that was three inches above her glory hole and then I vomited.
by tim-tim April 29, 2004
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someone who disposes of a dead body.
after they whacked that stoolie, they called in the mover to finish up.
by tim-tim April 7, 2004
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