What Steven He is
9-year-old Steven: Don't say failure!

Steven's dad aka substitute teacher: *waits for 2-3 awkward silence*

by spectre729 May 2, 2021
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Dad: Did you pass your exam?
me: No Dad, i didn't
Dad: Well your a failure to this family you uncultured swine!
by UnnecessaryName April 25, 2017
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Word used to describe people who are crap.
e.g. President Bush.
by Turnipcloud October 9, 2005
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Steven He is such a failure
When he was 9 years old he was still in school
And he used calculators
When his father was 9 he had to walk over hills for miles to get to school 26 hours a day
He had to do it on one foot
His other foot was starting a business
Now Steven is an actor with a YouTube channel
This is why he doesn't have a girlfriend
by i am right behind you January 3, 2022
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Completely incompetent, useless, and unable to complete the simplest tasks successfully.
Cassandra Collins is the biggest failure in the history of the world!
by JBDMR August 16, 2019
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To fail, or to become "failed", or, the act of failing. In some cases majorly, and at the cost of many lives.
George Bush,the Hindenburg blimp, Myspace, Neopets, eBaum's World (Massive)
"The bomb didn't explode, it was a failure."
by Saint Kayitar July 21, 2006
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