to be in a same state of mind or thinking.
I don't know what's wrong with me today; my mind and my body are out of sync. (I can't focus)
by wILdCarD May 6, 2005
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short for synchronize: to set two things to the same time or value, or to update a database shared by two devices
Type the addresses into your computer, then sync it with your PDA.
by JM May 9, 2003
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When two or more people say the same thing at the same time.
Jane: I wanna do something!
Billy: Let’s go do something!
Jane: In sync!
by RFreshton September 30, 2017
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Alex synced with that whore last night. He's so dirty.
by AJ the master February 17, 2011
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If two things are in/out of sync, they reach the same or related stage at the same time/at different times.
Out of sync don't know what happened to my Gmail account
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd April 8, 2020
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1) an agreement , something you understand/get/works with you/your people. similar to i kno right?

2) ill remember or its synced to my inner calender
person 1: i love <insert favorite artist here>'s music!
person 2: aww man i todally sync with that

person 1: hey, can you come over on sunday?
person 2: synced!
by hamham123 May 25, 2011
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Verb. To synchronise two or more iPods to the same album/playlist. This is often done on a bus or at school so those who are sync'd all hear the same music at the exact same time, as if it was being played on a loudspeaker nearby.

This can either be used to make a silent synchronised dance party that confuses the hell out of all non-sync'd people in the immediate vicinity, or allows those involved in the sync to enjoy songs simultaneously, without the need for big audio equipment or the disturbance of others.

Perfect timing for starting respective albums/playlists is essential and requires much practice.
Lucas: God, this bus trip is taking forever! Wanna sync?

Jim: Sure, how about we sync that legit playlist I made last week?

Lucas: Ok cool.

Angus: Hold up! Let me get in on that shit too!

1...2...3... *All press play*
by SyncThatShit May 10, 2009
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