Jun 24 Word of the Day
An exclamation made when your friends or family are teasing you to a point where you can't handle it anymore and a hissy fit is in order.

Derived from a YouTube user's famed outburst following Britney's lackluster performance at the 2007 VMA's.
Sarah: 'OMG Susan, I can't believe you are wearing the same skirt as yesterday. Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE knows what you did with Kevin on the weekend. Plus you look a little fat, are you retaining water?'

by Billy Chickenhole September 15, 2007
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1) The most bizarre film of the 80's by Larry Cohen. With is three-color appealing packaging, the American public start to devour the dessert in a maniac fashion. An industrial espinonage expert soon relalise that the Stuff is an living organism that take over the brain of those who eat it, turning them into zombie creature.
2) the best crappy horror movie ever!
Hey, that movie "the Stuff" that you suggested kick ass!
by Lydia Bergeron March 31, 2003
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Premier term referring to drugs, especially marijuana.
"Uh thanks but I don't need....the stuff."
-me after being asked, "hey Dave wanna smoke a bowl". This is pretty much my answer whenever I'm asked that. lol
by Dave February 22, 2004
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That special something which allows a person to perform at the highest level.
The actions themselves which require that special something to perform at a desirable level.
"We've got to sign this kid to a contract, he's got the stuff."

"The artist has refined their techniques and style through their years but it is clear even from their early works that they always had the stuff."
by Andrew Mil May 30, 2021
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