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a slang term for drugs, commonly used in the ghetto.
"yo jamal you got the stuff?"
"damn right nigga!"
by random guy June 07, 2004
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1) The most bizarre film of the 80's by Larry Cohen. With is three-color appealing packaging, the American public start to devour the dessert in a maniac fashion. An industrial espinonage expert soon relalise that the Stuff is an living organism that take over the brain of those who eat it, turning them into zombie creature.
2) the best crappy horror movie ever!
Hey, that movie "the Stuff" that you suggested kick ass!
by Lydia Bergeron March 31, 2003
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Premier term referring to drugs, especially marijuana.
"Uh thanks but I don't need....the stuff."
-me after being asked, "hey Dave wanna smoke a bowl". This is pretty much my answer whenever I'm asked that. lol
by Dave February 22, 2004
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