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its a FUNCTION!!! :O


oh em eff of gee

not much unlike

om em eff of gee of x, don't you pass your math classes!
by Lucificifus March 30, 2005

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Crazy thieving bastards, the Dutch steal everyones music and then keep it on their 600GB RAID clusters, rebroadcast it to their mile long MSN lists, and have over 1000 live sets and about half as many live videos of hard dance festivals. If you ever need a game or piece of software cracked, go see the Dutch. They will have what you need.

The End.
"Hey, Matti, I need Doom 3, and its May 2004"
"Ok here is the crack, a link to a 100mbit mirror, and the screenshots of the expansion pack planned for next year."
"Thanks, wanna do a file swap?"
"Like you have anything that I haven't got."
by Lucificifus March 30, 2005

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Popularized for a grand sum total of 7 minutes during a run of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force showing on Adult Swim in which Meatwad starts droppping izzle's when Frylock tests out his super toilet on Carl.
Awwww, dizzamn, thats just grizzate...


I dont want to see Carl take no crizznap, baby...
by Lucificifus July 10, 2004

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Can be used much like the yay, or the ghey. Just an accentuation.
OMFG THE LOL! This is very comical and amusing, so I will vocalize not only "lol," but "the" as wel! THE LOL!
by Lucificifus March 30, 2005

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When a DJ has an especially bad mix, making the bassline go out of sync and "clang."
Dj Sy can scratch the shit out of that wax, but DAMN was that mix full of clang.
by Lucificifus March 30, 2005

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