Ramon is obviously the coolest person you’ll ever meet but also kind to others. Ramon likes to get a good kick out of things and will always try to cheer people up. He is also a very good lover ;) and loves short walked on the beach. But overall he’s mean at kapa haka and awesome with all weapons. If you meet a Ramon definitely hug him.
“Ramon loves to cheer people up “
by Kei hea to wharepaku March 3, 2020
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The most sweetest boy you will ever meet he will treat you right love you for who you are,has a great personality,plays sports and is super cute
Ramon is the boy everyone deserves
by Diana corona April 8, 2017
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Someone who has a big cock and is very good at piping bitches
Bro when i was piping alondra she kept calling me "Ramon!!" And saying how much of a big cock i have
by Toderoki September 26, 2017
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Ramon is a pretty fly guy, sometimes i cant spell his name correctly, but hes a pretty fly guy. An angel sent from Heaven Keep him safe and warm.
Guy 1: Ramon is a cool guy

Guy 2: is that how you spell his name right?

Guy 1: i literally said his name how did you see the spelling of my words coming out of my mouth?

Guy 2: I eat a lot of carrots.
by toastynwarm January 27, 2017
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A Thug.
"Wow, I'd love to be a Ramon."
by Cthebest October 26, 2014
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- A pretty cool guy, he's hot and doesn't afraid of anything.

- A fun guy to be around

- A Mexican that often responds with "Que?" which is Spanish for "What?"
That Ramon is great to have around.
by I type stuffz July 6, 2009
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He is a sex god, gives good of the sex’s please love Ramon, he will suck you really well and swell, :)
Ramon is hot af
by NitroPvPYT November 17, 2018
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