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Admit It, you searched for Ramon because your name is Ramon didn't you? well that already makes you one sexy fuck . Ramons are actually also a species sexy descendants scattered across the land of the pot laced Americas. If you see a Ramon in the hood, you better back the fuck up, because He will fuck your bitch before you realize that you just came, and your pants are now dripping wet. That's right, and if two of these Latino mother fuckers meet, anything within 4 blocks of them is fucked. Typically within the groin area, as Ramons prefer the waist. If your name isn't Ramon you are probably a lame ass douche with parents who weren't Latino enough or cool enough to come up with such a bad ass name. I, personally lost my virginity to a Ramon, and i must say that they are sexy freaks! you will be calling every night for more. they are nice and shy on the street, but once you get to know one, you will actually have a life and will be ready to "spread em baby" - a phrase often used by Ramons, along with the loud mating call, "FUCK ME!!!". These dudes are also rulers of the cock goblins, a race of yellow lemon grab like creatures with insanely long penises *the more ya know*. There you have it. If you don't believe me, go find a Ramon and ask one, but don't expect to leave dry.
Girl one: *intense squealing*

Girl two: "dafuq?"
Girl three: "OMG its a Ramon!

Girl two: "really? I've never seen a Latino that sexy in Ohio!!!"
Girl one: "uh guys... *tears streaming down face*... my pants are wet!"
Girl two: "my ovaries just exploded!"
*girls fight over who will fuck Ramon first*
by Lord farquaad December 16, 2014
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The most sweetest boy you will ever meet he will treat you right love you for who you are,has a great personality,plays sports and is super cute
Ramon is the boy everyone deserves
by Diana corona April 08, 2017
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- A pretty cool guy, he's hot and doesn't afraid of anything.

- A fun guy to be around

- A Mexican that often responds with "Que?" which is Spanish for "What?"
That Ramon is great to have around.
by I type stuffz July 05, 2009
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a badass. knows what he wants, but has no motivation. creative mind and gets the hook-ups, but too broke to fully achieve goals. a dreamer. knows awesome music and has great hair. makes skinny jeans, leather jackets, and animal prints work without looking homo. chicks digg him, homies want him at every event, is the type of guy that's missed. can pick and choose the crowd he wants to hang with because he's fun to be around and is liked by different peoples. not racist, but can't stand certain types...not cool with posers or people who try too hard to be cool. way funny naturally. is different in a totally awesome way. goes by moncho which is the only cool nickname for ramon
girl #1: haha omg, your friend is so funny! *thinking cute too but doesn't say it because girl#2 already did
what's his name?

girl #2: Ramon, but he goes by moncho!
by babeee16 October 25, 2011
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a man that is super nice, sweet, funny, cute and all over awesome! someone you can tell anything to and theyll understand!he could be your best guy friend that can fit into your skinny jean. literally. hes pretty awesome!
Alex: who's that hot guy over there in the skinny jeans?
Jessica: oh that's Ramon! hes super nice and really cute!
Alex: im ganna go talk to him.
Jessica: im coming too.
by jacee cakko December 09, 2009
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