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A fedposter is an imageboard or forum poster who is most likely a federal agent. Originating from 4chan's /pol/ board and associated communities, the term refers to a poster who openly calls for violence against others or encourages one to break the law in some manner.

The fed part of fedposting comes from the fact that these posts are either made by federal agents hoping to entrap someone into saying the same thing and getting visited by the feds for it, or by naive people saying the same things and ending up with visits from the feds.
Chances are if somebody is talking about blowing up a religious building on /pol/, they're either a fedposter or they're getting a visit from the feds real soon.
by Mjfan13298 May 30, 2019
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A character in a major franchise created by a fan of something, and self inserted into that franchise usually via art and fanfics.

Usually due to the fact that the designs end up being so close to the source media, they end up looking almost like the original, and a ton of OCs are just traces/recolors of offical artwork for the source franchise.

Many of them also happen to be Mary Sues with self insert fanfics and copy/paste backstories.

The creators of them are also known for being very egotistical about them, going as far as putting copyrights on them, telling others not to steal their (possibly stolen anyway) character, and even abusing the report systems at various sites just to be sure nobody will steal their OC.

They exist for almost any franchise, they can exist in everything from Sonic to Pokemon to Naruto to even South Park!

With some franchises, such as Sonic or MLP, there are even OC generators that people will use to generate OCs and put them up on sites like DeviantArt as "art".
by Mjfan13298 May 18, 2012
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1. A slang term used for robot sex or porn, coming from the sound of machines banging.
2. A compiler front end for the LLVM compiler. It was developed by Apple and later became integrated with the LLVM compiler, leading to LLVM being called LLVM/Clang as well.
1. Two robots made clang noises as they had sex with each other.
2. I use LLVM/Clang on my Linux box, GCC is too bloated.
by Mjfan13298 September 8, 2018
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